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 Another recipe I transferred from cooking in the oven to the Ninja Multi Cook Ingredients Steak or any sort of beef - we get a two pack with sauce from Sainsbury's 2 Green Peppers 2 very large red onions Tomato Paste 2 fresh tomatoes Garlic cloves Paprika Salt and Pepper Onion Salt, Garlic pepper.  Wine and/or stock Olive oil   Preparation Slice the peppers and the onions into strips, set aside Mash the garlic Cut the onions Dry the meat as much as possible, coat with oil using a brush, season with salt and pepper Cooking Cook the meat in the air-fryer. I use the metal frame provided, with the steak half way up. Warm the air-fryer up for two, stick in the steaks, cook for 10, turn when told to. Set aside Remove the wire frame-work from the ninja Put a large splash of oil in the receptacle. There will be juices in there from the meat, leave it, and it will add to the taste. Set the Ninja to sear at 5, allow the oil to heat up until you can see a haze coming off the surface. Put in
 Spag Bol This is my version of that honoured student dish, Spaghetti Bolognese. Quantities give enough to feed 4 for a meal. I usually end up saving half for the next day. I used to cook it in an oven, I've adapted it for a Ninja Multi-cooker and this is the method I describe here Ingredients 500g Mince - beef or lamb 250g Sausage meat Seasoning (Herbs, Salt and pepper etc) Tomato paste Wine Onions Carrots 1 Can Tomatoes Tomato Paste Olive oil Pasta Parmesan Cheese Method 1. Defrost the meat if you have to, I usually leave it overnight Once defrosted, stir the mince, the sausage meat and the seasoning together I use a Sainsbury's Italian Dried Herb mixture plus whatever is in the herbs and spices drawer: onion salt, garlic pepper, garlic salt. A good grind of salt and pepper as well   Leave to let the flavours mix   2. Chop finely one large onion and one large carrot Heat the olive  oil in the ninja on sear mode, add a little salt When the salt begins to sizzle, add the choppe